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Dual Eminence LAB12 Ported/Sealed

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Another build helping my workshop friend with his cabinets.

Mainly music but maybe movies in the future.
Drivers: Eminence Lab 12
100liter probably around 90liters usable.
Ported optional Sealed.
Dual 4" ports.
Tuned to 27hz.
Portspeed below 15m/s
Highpass Bessel 3order 20hz.
1port sealed changes the tuning to 19hz.
19mm mdf board, dubbel layer in the front.

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I can't see the photos. Is it just me?
Just place-holders for the photos.
I can't see the photos. Is it just me?
Nope, I can't see them either.
Maybe I linked them from the wrong part of the forum I´ll place them in my gallery instead thanks for the heads up I can see the pics but thats probably because I´m always logged in.
That is coming together very nicely!
Great looking build, need to subscribe to see how this come out!
Took some time to get back to the workshop but now they are glued next time we start to cut out the pieces to my SDX12 cabinet.

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You sir, are a Wizard! And an artist! Drool-worthy shop, too! In fact, this is the first time I used 3 exclamation points on a single line! Make that 4! Well, 5! Very exciting build thread! Okay, I lost count in all the excitement! Hold on a moment while I catch my breath!

Okay, what I mean to say is, "Nice build."
Low gloss black and brushed aluminum details
Very professional looking build! Excellent work! :T
Is that your home workshop!?
Is this using a careful router or utilizing a CNC?

Either way looks great so far.
We are using a CNC.

We make them at my friends work if we didn´t have those machines and tools the design would have been simpler but now it´s only imagination which limits when I draw them in Solidworks.
A very useful tool that I may have to invest in.
That looks better each time I see it.
Very nice! I have built a sub around this driver with similar specs to good result. I went 106L and 25Hz, and a slot port. My build effort was agricultural by comparison! Still, it sounded great. After having the driver repaired twice it has been retired as it was no longer the same, and am now working on another project. Two of these side by side will be fantastic!

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