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Dual Eminence LAB12 Ported/Sealed

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Another build helping my workshop friend with his cabinets.

Mainly music but maybe movies in the future.
Drivers: Eminence Lab 12
100liter probably around 90liters usable.
Ported optional Sealed.
Dual 4" ports.
Tuned to 27hz.
Portspeed below 15m/s
Highpass Bessel 3order 20hz.
1port sealed changes the tuning to 19hz.
19mm mdf board, dubbel layer in the front.

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Nice! They are good drivers for the money above average Xmax and powerhandling.
Nice looking build! Man, this really makes me want to draw up my designs in SolidWorks and have someone CNC them. I need a redo on my 4Pi project.

Can't wait to see the aluminum accents!
The anticipation to see the final product is killing me!
I don't know how I almost missed this thread. You should have mentioned the CNC fabrication in the title! lol

Really nice work, I'm very jealous. I would love to have access to machine time for speaker projects, the precision you can achieve is just incredible. Good design too, looking forward to the finish.
Those are gorgeous!
Just mental, would love something like that.

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Had some trouble getting those AL inserts to stick with glue so I used adhesive tape instead just have to wait until tomorrow until the remainings on top has dried.
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Strong work! They turned out very nice. Do they sound as you expected?
Wow those look great and most likely sound better!
They look stunning with the drivers in. That level of finish and attention to detail puts many high end retail products to shame. You should be very proud of what you've put together here.
Those turned out waay better than I had envisioned how they would look in the end! Awesome work! :T Like Owen mentioned, you have nailed a look that is setting an extremely high level of quality! Probably won't hurt that they will sound awesome too!

3 spot room measure Audyssey on or off.

3 spot room measure with Audyssey 2ports vs 1port open.

Sweetspot Audyssey with three different port setups. Did not test true sealed plate.

Fullrange measure with Audyssey.

The Audyssey EQ actually is not 100% accurate as I did that measure with my SDX12 subwoofers but good enough i guess.
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Using 24dB Bessel highpass 20hz in the Inuke and 380rms limiter. (never reached that limit during this listening session)

Feel really bad for my neigbours as I tried some movies and Infected mushroom heavy bass notes these subs really do sound amazing and have no trouble filling the room with heavy hard hitting sound.
Really want to buy a house now so I can play as I want without worring about others.

I do hear the big difference against my SDX12 subs below 25hz.
I would probably adjust the ports so they are a little bit longer to get the tuning a bit lower.
Subs stand on three feet so the cabinet always stand very good four feet has more trouble when the floor is not perfect.

I prefer sonic design feet for my subs they are weight matched and make vibrations stick to the cabinet. But my friend wanted the metal feet for these subs.
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