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Dual Eminence LAB12 Ported/Sealed

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Another build helping my workshop friend with his cabinets.

Mainly music but maybe movies in the future.
Drivers: Eminence Lab 12
100liter probably around 90liters usable.
Ported optional Sealed.
Dual 4" ports.
Tuned to 27hz.
Portspeed below 15m/s
Highpass Bessel 3order 20hz.
1port sealed changes the tuning to 19hz.
19mm mdf board, dubbel layer in the front.

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I must say..Im very impressed with those sub enclosures, they look great...WOW
Awesome build quality!
Flipping nice build, I've not seen any commercial subs that look that nice. I'm getting ready to do a dual LAB12 build, they will not even compare to this build.

Good choice of drivers they do sound great, good luck with your build!

they looks very good!!!
Do you know, there Klippel measurements for the LAB 12?

I don´t understand your question can your rephrase?

Do you want to know I there is klippel measurements of the Lab12? or are your telling me there is?
To me it sounds as though he's looking to find out if there have been measurements done.
Sorry for my bad english.
I want ask you .
There Klippel measurements from LAB 12?

thanks, ALpi
I have not seen anyone publish those measurements for the LAB12.
O.K. Thanks
What you mean about the LAB12 in a closed 50 Liters Cabine?

best regards, Alpi
My face melted when I saw the craftsmanship of these. So awesome...Mine looks like Homer Simpson built it, but it was fun and I learned a lot about what not to do next time. I built a sealed, next I am building a ported to see the difference when using the same driver.
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Build it and be happy :) many people have been pleased with the LAB 12 in sealed cabinets but it will suffer from much less output below 30Hz. More accurate thou.

I would never go less than two sealed 12"... two vented 12" cabs can get quite far in a small to medium sized room for HT.

I have only found these

Eminence are Klippel customers that is all I know from google.
Just go creative with a CAD software and find a buddy with a CNC ;)

I never accounted for the lost volume with the big vents but they turned out well either way. Lining the walls adds some extra volume seen by the driver.

Buy a measurement equipment there are well known kits for decent money that are simple to use and very useful when getting the tuning right.
Software like WinISD will ball park it quite good but a lot of things can go side ways with real cabinet volume, vent diameter, lengths and lining.

Eminence also share some recommendations in the pdf above that would be the safest simplest choice, large vented.

thanks for the tips pity that there is no Klippel measurements by LAB12.
Would be very interested

best regards
Impeccable craftsmanship. Bravo, sir.


Hello Vin, I am a huge fan of your builds. I was wondering if you would be able to let me know how long each 4” PVC port is on this build. I went over the build numerous times and can’t seem to find that information. I am not good with computers so I don’t use Winisd or such. I have a similar build on the go and it would save a lot of trial and error to get the tuning right.
Thanks for your time
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