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Billy Jack (1971) Tom Laughlin. (Warner).

Bunny Chow (2006 -- South Africa) Shot in a cinema verite style and using the street food "bunny chow" as a metaphor for contemporary Johannesburg's mix of races, cultures and attitudes, this edgy, urban comedy envisions a nation through the eyes of its future, rather than the tragedy of its past. (First Run Features).

Deflating the Elephant: Framed Messages Behind Conservative Dialogue (2008) Provides an insightful look at the last 35 years of political discourse: the scare tactics and use of Orwellian language to embed conservative principles into the minds of America. New York Times best-selling author George Lakoff's theories on language and "framing" presents a thesis on "how conservatives have monopolized the national dialogue, through the use of repetition and reinforcement of deceptive terminology. Concepts such as 'free market,' 'tax relief,' and 'war on terror,' which dominate the right-wing ideology, have made once independent thinkers susceptible to false arguments and non-existent myths." Narrated by Sean Penn. $19.95. (Cinema Libre Studio).

Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts (2009) Kyla Pratt. Animal-whisperer Maya Dolittle and Lucky the Dog are off on a new adventure, taking them inside the world of Hollywood glitz and glamor in this third direct-to-video sequel in the Dolittle franchise. Extras: "Tiffany's Tricked Out Cell Phone" featurette, "No Business Like Show Business" featurette, "Star Tours: Dolittle Style" featurette. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Fox).

Driven to Kill (2009) Latest Steven Seagal direct-to-video outing. Reformed Russian "Mafioso" turned crime novelist Ruslan (Seagal) returns home to discover his estranged daughter is marrying the son of his age-old nemesis -- East Coast Russian mafia leader Mikhail Arban. Ruslan's dark criminal past takes him to the wedding celebration where he finds his ex-wife is gunned down in cold blood and his daughter fighting for her life. Enraged and hungry for justice, Ruslan returns to his criminal past and the life he once knew to get the ultimate revenge. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Fox).

El Dorado (1966) Dir.: Howard Hawks; John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, James Caan. Paramount Centennial Collection two-disc set. Extras: Commentary by Peter Bogdanovich; commentary by critic and film historian Richard Schickel featuring actor Ed Asner and author Todd McCarthy; 10 featurettes: "Ride, Boldly Ride: The Journey of El Dorado," "The Paradigm of an Entertainer," "Stealing from Himself," "A Taciturn Man," "Professional Courtesy," "Spotlight: James Caan," "The Duke, the Grey Fox and Pappy," "An Old-Age Masterpiece," The Artist and the American West" (1967), "Behind the Gates: A.C. Lyles Remembers John Wayne"; production and lobby card galleries. (Paramount).

Fanboys (2009) Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette, Dan Fogler, Jay Baruchel, Kristen Bell with cameo appearances by Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Ray Park, Seth Rogen, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Justin Long, Christopher MacDonald, Danny Trejo, Jamie King, Ethan Suplee, and William Shatner. Comedy about a group of Star Wars fans' attempt to break into George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch to see "Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace" a full six months before its worldwide release. Extras: Deleted scenes, commentary by cast and crew, "The Truth about Fanboys," "Star Wars Parallel," "Four Fanboys & One Fangirl," "Disturbances in the Force: A Series of Webisodes," "The Ultimate Fanboy Contest Winner." (The Weinstein Co./Genius Products).

Friday Night Lights: The Third Season (2008-09) Four-disc set with 13 episodes, $29.98. (Universal).

The Friends of Eddie Coyle(1973) Dir.: Peter Yates; Robert Mitchum, Peter Boyle, Alex Rocco, Richard Jordan. New, restored high-definition digital transfer, approved by director Yates. In one of the best performances of his legendary career, Robert Mitchum plays small-time gunrunner Eddie "Fingers" Coyle in Peter Yates's adaptation of George V. Higgins's acclaimed novel. World-weary and living hand to mouth, Coyle works on the sidelines of the seedy Boston underworld just to make ends meet. But when he finds himself facing a second stretch of hard time, he's forced to weigh loyalty to his criminal colleagues against snitching to stay free. Directed with a sharp eye for its gritty locales and an open heart for its less-than-heroic characters, this is one of the true treasures of 1970s Hollywood filmmaking -- a suspenseful crime drama in stark, unforgiving daylight. Extras: Commentary featuring Yates, stills gallery, booklet featuring a new essay by film critic Kent Jones and a 1973 on-set profile of Robert Mitchum from Rolling Stone. (The Criterion Collection).

The Great Bank Robbery Collection Single-disc with two new-to-DVD films: "The Great Bank Hoax" (1978) with Richard Basehart, Ned Beatty and Burgess Meredith; and "The Great Bank Robbery" (1969) with Akim Tamiroff, Zero Mostel. Clint Walker, Kim Novak, Larry Storch. $14.97. (Warner).

Infected (2008) Gil Bellows, Judd Nelson, Isabella Rossellini, Maxim Roy. Two Boston reporters uncover the scoop of their lives: Aliens from outer space are infecting high-echelon government officials. (Image Entertainment).

The Invisibles (2008) British actors Anthony Head and Warren Clarke star as a pair of aging, big-hearted retired thieves who decide to take another crack at crime. Filled with heists, hijinks, and humor about being over the hill, the series aired on BBC1 in the U.K. in the summer of 2008 and is available to U.S. audiences for the first time. Two-disc set with six episodes, $39.99. (Acorn Media).

Jo Koy: Don't Make Him Angry (2009) Comedy Central stand-up special; $16.99. (Paramount).

Labou (2008) Family-friendly feature about three kids go in search of a ghost pirate and his long lost treasure in the Louisiana swamps. Lost in the bayou after being chased by the ghost of Captain LeRouge, the kids stumble across a lovable little creature named Labou whose home is about to be destroyed by two money hungry oil tycoons. Determined to save the swamps and their new found friend, they devise a plan and enlist the help of the legendary ghost pirate to rid the wetlands of its imposters once and for all. Extras: Commentary by director and writer Greg Aronowitz, producer Sheri Bryant and actor Chris Violette; six featurettes: "Building Labou," "The Casting Process," "The Making of Labou: Part One and Part Two," "The Music of Labou," "Special Effects" and "New Orleans: Points of Interest." (MGM).

Limited Edition T2 Complete Collector's Set Six-disc set packaged with a 14-inch T-800 Endoskull bust that plays sound effects from the film while its eyes light up. Features the "Terminator 2 Skynet Edition" on Blu-ray plus both the Extreme Edition DVD and Ultimate Edition DVDs which, combined, include every T2 special feature ever released on DVD. As a bonus, the Limited Edition T2 Complete Collector's Set comes with a digital copy of the film for iTunes or Windows Media. The release coincides with the theatrical release of "Terminator: Salvation." Extras: Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Lionsgate).

Man Hunt (1941) Dir.: Fritz Lang; Walter Pidgeon, George Sanders, Joan Benett. A classic restored. Walter Pidgeon stars as Captain Thorndike, an English big-game hunter who conceives the fantastic notion of stalking Adolph Hitler for sport. With The Fuhrer in his sight, Thorndike hesitates and debates with himself whether or not to pull the trigger, ultimately being apprehended by the Gestapo during this brief moment of reflection. Thorndike is interrogated and tortured by Nazi officer Major Quive-Smith (George Sanders). Left for dead, his body thrown over a cliff, Thorndike survives and makes his way back to the safety of England. But Quive-Smith pursues Thorndike back to London, where he goes into hiding with a young prostitute (Joan Benett) who has the Nazi spies close in on him. Extras: Commentary by author Patrick McGilligan, "Rogue Male: The Making of Man Hunt," restoration comparison, interactive pressbook, still gallery. (Fox).

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) Dir.: John Ford; John Wayne, James Stewart, Vera Miles, Lee Marvin, Edmond O'Brien, Andy Devine, Ken Murray, John Carradine, Jeanette Nolan. Paramount Centennial Collection two-disc set. Extras: Commentary by Peter Bogdanovich along with his archival recordings with John Ford and James Stewart; eight featurettes: "The Size of Legends, The Soul of Myth," "Changing of the Guard," "The Irascible Poet," "The Hero Doesn't Win," "The Winner Isn't Heroic." "Most Things Happen by Accident," "The Great Protector," "Spotlight: Lee Marvin," "Print the Legend"; galleries: lobby cards, production, John Ford, Publicity. (Paramount).

My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)Jaime King, Jensen Ackles, Kerr Smith, Edi Gathegi, Kevin Tighe, Megan Boone, Betsey Rue. (Lionsgate).

Outlander (2009) Jim Caviezel, Ron Perlman, John Hurt. Action-packed, sci-fi adventure about an extra-terrestrial who crash lands on Earth in the time of the Vikings. Extras: Deleted scenes; commentary by writer-director Howard McCain, writer Dirk Blackman and producer Chris Roberts and John Schimmel; Visual effects tests, animatics, production design galleries. (The Weinstein Co./Genius Products).

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009) Kevin James, Jayma Mays, Shirley Knight, Raini Rodriguez, Stephen Rannazzisi, Adam Ferrara Extras: Deleted scenes, "Fun on Set" featurette with outtakes, commentary by Kevin James and producer Todd Garner, "Kevin James: Not Your Average Mall Cop" featurette, stunts featurette, behind-the-scenes at the Mall, "On Set With Mike 'Rooftop' Escamilla": behind-the-scenes footage from a pro BMX biker, "Action Sports Junkies" look at the film's extreme sports actors, "Mall Cop Response": A mall security guard takes on a pro skater, "Thoughts With Kevin James" featurette, "Sugar" featurette that follows a free runner through the mall as he races to get Kevin James sugar for his coffee, more. Also available on Blu-ray Disc.

Peyton Place: Part One (1964) Five-disc set with the first 31 episodes of the twice-weekly series, starring Dorothy Malone, Mia Farrow, Ed Nelson, Warner Anderson, Ryan O'Neal, Christopher Connelly, Barbara Parkins and Tim O'Connor; $39.99. (Shout! Factory).

Rat Attack! (2009) Every 48 years, the inhabitants of the remote Indian state of Mizoram suffer a horrendous ordeal known locally as Mautam. An indigenous species of bamboo, blanketing 30 percent of Mizoram's 8,100 square miles, blooms once every half-century, spurring an explosion in the rat population that feeds off the bamboo's fruit. This NOVA-National Geographic Television special captures the massive rat population explosion in vivid detail as they run amok, destroying crops and precipitating a crippling famine throughout Mizoram. $24.99. (PBS Home Video).

Russell Brand in New York City: Extended & Uncensored (2009) Comedy Central stand-up special featuring the British pop icon. Extras: Bran's infamous 2008 MTV "Video Music Awards" monologue, "An Englishman in New York" featurette with man-on-the-street interviews, more. $16.99. (Paramount).

Saturday Morning Cartoons 1960s Volume 1 Two-disc set with episodes from Top Cat, Atom Ant/Precious Pup/Hillbilly Bears, The Peter Potamus Show, Secret Squirrel/Squiddly Diddly/Winsome Witch, The Porky Pig Show, The Quick Draw McGraw Show, The Jetsons, Marine Boy, Space Ghost/Dino Boy, Herculoids, Frankenstein Jr. & The Impossibles, The Magilla Gorilla Show, more. $26.99. (Warner).

Saturday Morning Cartoons 1970s Volume 1 Two-disc set with episodes from The Jetsons, The Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour, Hong Kong Phooey, Goober and the Ghost Chasers, Speed Buggy, Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch, Yogi's Gang, Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan, Roman Holidays, Josie & the Pussycats, The New Scooby-Doo Movies, Funky Phantom. $26.99. (Warner).

Suspense: Ultimate Collection Twelve-disc compilation of all 90 episodes of the anthology series featuring stories of mystery and the macabre, broadcast live from New York on CBS from 1949-1954. The show opened each week with the words "And now, a tale well calculated to keep you in ... suspense," accompanied by the familiar, ominous Bernard Herrmann theme; $49.98. (Infinity Entertainment).

The Top Secret Trial of the Third Reich (1979) In August 1944, the trial of the men who conspired to assassinate Adolf Hitler (the subject of the Tom Cruise film "Valkyrie") began. Under orders from Joseph Goebbels, cameras were hidden in the courtroom, and soon thereafter a propaganda film was released to the public. Unfortunately for the Nazis, the film only generated sympathy for the conspirators, who were sentenced to death by the judge. Realizing his miscalculation, Goebbels ordered the film destroyed. But one print has been found. Featuring footage and sound documentation never seen before in this country, "The Top Secret Trial of the Third Reich" finally reveals the secret history of Germany's home-grown resistance. $24.95. (First Run features).

The Town That Was (2007) Documentary about Centralia, Pennsylvania, once a thriving mining town of over 3,000, turned modern-day ghost town following a trash fire in 1962 that ignited a seam of anthracite coal and has been burning ever since. Visit the infamous place that inspired the 2006 horror film "Silent Hill"; $22.95. (Cinevolve Studios).

Treasury of 25 Storybook Classics: Dinosaurs, Trucks, Monsters ... And More Action-packed collection, filled with rousing tales of prehistoric creatures, roaring vehicles and daredevil rodents. Scholastic Storybook Treasures four-disc set includes "How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight ... and More Great Dino Tales"; "I Stink ... And More Great Stories on Wheels"; "Pete's a Pizza ... And More Great Kids' Stories"; and "The Mouse and the Motorcycle." $29.95. (Scholastic Storybook Treasures).

Treasury of 25 Storybook Classics: Fairytales, Magic ... And More Imaginative and magical collection of stories, from new adaptations of classic tales like James Marshall's hilarious version of "Cinderella" and "Red Riding Hood" to beloved Hans Christian Anderson stories "The Ugly Duckling" and "The Emperor's New Clothes." This Scholastic Storybook Treasures four-disc set includes "The James Marshall Collection," "The Hans Christian Anderson Collection," "Fairytale Classics Collection" and "Strega Nona ... And More Stories About Magic." $29.95. (Scholastic Storybook Treasures).

True Blood: The Complete First Season (2008) Five-disc set with 12 episodes, $59.99. Extras: Vampire documentary, True Blood commercials, commentaries, more. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (HBO Video).

24 Season Seven (2008) Six-disc set with 24 episodes, $49.98. Extras: Commentary, deleted scenes, "24-7: The Untold Story" featurette. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Fox).

Valkyrie (2008)Dir.: Bryan Singer; Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Carice van Houten, Eddie Izzard, Halina Reijn, Kevin McNally, Christian Berkel, Terence Stamp, David Schofield. Available as a single-disc standard DVD, two-disc Special Edition DVD and two-disc Blu-ray. Special Edition Extras: Commentary by Tom Cruise, Bryan Singer, and Christopher McQuarrie; commentary by Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander; Featurettes: "The Journey to Valkyrie"; "The Valkyrie Legacy"; digital copy. Also available on Blu-ray Disc with more extras. (MGM).

Viva Pinata: Lights Camera Action (2009) Ten episodes of the animated series about a group of pinatas whose goal is to fill themselves with candy, $14.99. (Shout! Factory).
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