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Blood and Chocolate (2007) Agnes Bruckner, Hugh Dancy, Olivier Martinez, Katja Riemann, Bryan Dick. Extras: Commentary by director Katja von Garnier, deleted scenes. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Sony).

The Closer: The Complete Second Seasom Four-disc set with 14 episodes, $39.98. Extras: "Breaking Down the Closer" featurette, gag reel, deleted scenes. (Warner).

F-Troop: The Complete Second Season Six-disc set with 31 episodes, $39.98. Extras: "Fall In With F-Troop" featurette reconstructing the back-story of F-Troop. (Warner).

The Final Patient (2005) Bill Cobbs, Alex Feldman. A physician uncovers the key to eternal youth, but the lust for immortality has deadly consequences. (Echo Bridge Home Entertainment).
Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure (2005) Feature-length animated film based on the celebrated Scholastic children's books and now a Noggin kids series. (HBO Video).

Hannibal Rising (2006) In R-rated and unrated editions. Extras: Five deleted scenes, commentary by director Peter Webber and producer Martha DeLaurentiis, "Hannibal Lecter: The Origin of Evil" featurette, "Allan Starski: Designing Horror and Elegance" featurette. (The Weinstein Co./Genius Products).

Rapid Fear (2005) Steven Grives, Peter Kent, Guy Edmonds, Remi Broadway, Craig Marriott. An ex-con with a chance at parole is teamed with six teenage offenders in a rehab program designed to frighten the streetwise youths into going straight; they're dropped in an isolated forest to travel down river by raft but someone, or something, doesn't want them to survive. (MTI Home Video).

The TCM Spotlight: Katharine Hepburn Collection Six-disc set with "The Corn is Green," "Dragon Seed," "Morning Glory," "Sylvia Scarlett," "Undercurrent" and "Without Love." $59.92 individually $19.97 each. (Warner)
  • Morning Glory (1933) Katharine Hepburn, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Adolphe Menjou. Extras: Pete Smith short "Menu," classic cartoon "Bosko's Mechanical Man."
  • Sylvia Scarlett (1936) Dir.: George Cukor; Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Brian Aherne, Edmund Gwenn. Extras: Vintage Fitzpatrick TravelTalk short "Los Angeles: Wonder City of the West," classic cartoon "Alias St. Nick."
  • Undercurrent (1946) Dir.: Vincente Minnelli; Katharine Hepburn, Robert Taylor, Robert Mitchum, Edmund Gwenn, Marjorie Main, Jayne Meadows. Extras: Theater of Life short "Traffic With the Devil," classic cartoon "Lonesome Lenny."
  • Without Love (1945) Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Keenan Wynn. Extras: Vintage Crime Doesn't Pay Short "Purity Squad," classic cartoon "Swing Shift Cinderella."
  • The Corn Is Green (1978 -- TV) Dir.: George Cukor; Katharine Hepburn.
  • Dragon Seed (1944) Katharine Hepburn, Walter Huston, Aline MacMahon, Akim Tamiroff. Extras: Vintage short "Romance of Celluloid: Twenty Years After," classic cartoon "Happy-Go-Nutty."
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