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Away We Go (2009) Dir.: Sam Mendes; Stars: John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Allison Janney, Jeff Daniels, Catherine O'Hara, Jim Gaffigan, Carmen Ejogo, Josh Hamilton, Chris Messina, Melanie Lynskey, Paul Schneider. Extras: Commentary by director Sam Mendes and writers Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida, "The Making of Away We Go," "Green Filmmaking" featurette. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Universal).

Ax Men: The Complete Season Two (2009) Four-disc set, $39.95. (A&E Home Entertainment).

Baseball's Greatest Legends: Diamond Memories Documentary series highlights the most beloved players and moments of America's favorite pastime, featuring such legends as Mickey Mantle, Tommy Lasorda, Derek Jeter, Yogi Berra and many more. Narrated by Warren Schaefer. $14.98. (Mill Creek Entertainment).

Cobra: The Complete Series (1993-94) Four-disc set with all 22 of the Stephen J. Cannell series episodes, $14.98. (Mill Creek Entertainment).

CSI: NY: The Fifth Season (2008-09) Six-disc set with 25 episodes, $71.41. (Paramount).

Daybreak: The Complete Series (2006-07) Two-disc set with all 13 episodes, $14.98. Extras: Final, unaired episode. (Mill Creek Entertainment).

Filth and Wisdom (2008) Three disparate and increasingly desperate roommates in a London flat struggle to make ends meet while also trying to achieve their dreams. Directed by Madonna and starring Eugene Hutz of the acclaimed Gypsy punk group Gogol Bordello. (IFC Films).

Foyle's War From Dunkirk to VE Day (Sets 1-5) Nineteen-disc set of the acclaimed WWII British detective series starring Michael Kitchen' aired on PBS. $149.99. (Acorn Media).

Guns on the Clackamas (1995) Cartoonist Bill Plympton's second live-action feature, a behind-the-scenes look at an imaginary disastrous Western. A notable documentary filmmaker is trying to make a behind-the-scenes movie about the making of the Western "Guns on the Clackamas." But everything is going wrong and when cast members start dropping like flies due to accidents on the set and some really bad catering, the filmmakers must resort to solutions that are startling and hilarious. Plympton said the idea came from the 1937 movie "Saratoga," in which star Jean Harlow died during the filming and a stand-in was used to finish: Every time Harlow was in a scene, a box or something blocked the view. (Microcinema International).

Haunted Histories Megaset Twenty-disc set featuring in-depth profiles of the world's scariest stories and locales; $79.95. (A&E Home Entertainment).

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: The Complete Series (2002-04) Four-disc set with 39 episodes, $24.98. (Mill Creek Entertainment).

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Origins (2002) First 10 episodes from the series, $14.98. (Mill Creek Entertainment).

The Hills Run Red (2009) Sophie Monk, Tad Hilgenbrink, Janet Montgomery, William Sadler. Blood, torture, and suspense abound in this thriller about young fright fans who search for the secret location where a mythical cult movie - starring a killer in a babydoll mask - movie was shot, hoping to find the film. What they find is that the mysterious slasher flick is more than a movie: It's real and they're its newest stars. Extras: Commentary by director Dave Parker, writer David J. Schow and producer Robert Meyer Burnett, "It's Not Real Until You Shoot It: The Making of The Hills Run Red" featurette. (Warner Premiere).

How I Met Your Mother Season Four (2008) Three-disc set with 24 episodes, $49.99. Extras: Commentaries, gag reel, "Barney Stinson: That Guy's Awesome" music video, "Eriksen's Fight Club." Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Fox).

If I Die Tonight (2006) An intense look at the criminal justice system today and the way it treats blacks. The docu began in response to the shooting of Amadou Diallo by four members of the N.Y. Police Department Street Crimes Unit. Filmmaker Seyi quickly realized there are two sides to every story and that the truth is often found where you least expect it. From Diallo's sorrowful father lamenting that he is now the victim of police brutality to Maureen King, the widow of slain N.Y.P.D. sergeant Patrick King musing how life changes in a split second, the film tackles its subject through the lives and stories of those who live on both sides of an impenetrable divide. (Indican Pictures).

In a Dream (2008) Documentary about Isaiah Zagar, a locally-known muralist based in Philadelphia, by his son, Jeremiah. In the vibrant, bohemian neighborhood of South Philadelphia, 50,000-square feet of concrete are covered with tile and mirrors - mosaics that were created by Isaiah Zagar, an eccentric, tormented artist. The murals chronicle his love for his wife, Julia, and subtly hint at the darker corners of an extraordinary imagination. But suddenly the family is torn apart at the seams; a few hours before picking up his oldest son from rehab, Isaiah confesses to an affair with his assistant, is kicked out of the house, and spirals into a debilitating, suicidal depression. $24.95. Extras: Commentaries, deleted scenes. (IndiePix).

Life on Mars: The Complete Series (2006-07) Four-disc set with 16 episodes, $39.99. (Disney).

Lions Spanning the African continent from barren plains to lush jungles, "Lions" features four kid-friendly programs from Animal Planet: "A Lion Called Christian," "The Lion's Share," "White Lions" and "Rogue Lions." $14.95. (Animal Planet/Genius Products).

Manson 40 Years Later (2008) Feature-length History Channel docudrama takes viewers deep inside the Aug. 9 and 10, 1969, Tate-Labianca Murders and Charles Manson's twisted world of hate, fear and mind control to tell the story of how one man transformed a harmless group of hippies into a gang of brutal murderers; $19.95. (A&E Home Entertainment).

Midsomer Murders, Set 13 (2006-07) Four-disc set with four feature-length mysteries that combine quirky characters and surprising mysteries with postcard-perfect English village settings and the ever-charming John Nettles as the steady, unfailingly decent Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby. These episodes have yet to be broadcast in the U.S. $49.99. (Acorn media).

Monsters vs. Aliens (2008) Voices of Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Laurie, Will Arnett, Seth Rogen, Rainn Wilson, Stephen Colbert, Kiefer Sutherland, Paul Rudd. Available as The Ginormous Double DVD Pack and Blu-ray two-disc sets with the debut of "B.O.B.'s Big Break," an new 3-D adventure starring everyone's favorite gelatinous hero and featuring the voice talents of Seth Rogen, Hugh Laurie, Will Arnett and Kiefer Sutherland. Each Ginormous set comes with four 3-D glasses. Extras: "Modern Monster Movie Making," three deleted scenes, DWA Music Video Juke Box, filmmaker commentary, "The Tech of Monsters vs. Aliens," "Top Secret Sneak Peek Files" (How To Train Your Dragon, Shrek The Musical, Kung Fu Panda World, The Penguins of Madagascar, Shrek The Halls, Secrets of the Furious Five), Monsters vs. Aliens Activision game trailer, Karaoke Music Party, Paddle Ball game in Monster 3D, DVD-ROM extras. (DreamWorks Animation).

Nightmare (2005) Jason Scott Campbell, Nicole Roderick. A film student and an aspiring actress awake after a one-night stand to find a video camera pointed at their bed; the camera contains a brutal snuff movie -- starring the pair as the killers. But they have no memory of any murder and there's no indication in their room of any gruesome killings. Was there a murder or are the they going mad? (IFC Films).

Outlaws & Gunslingers Five-part documentary takes a look at the Old West, stripping away myth and legend and revealing the truth behind Billy the Kid, Jesse James, The Sundance Kid and many more. (Mill Creek Entertainment).

Sam Kinison: Wild Child Two-disc set with four Sam Kinison cable TV specials, $14.98. (Mill Creek Entertainment).

Secrecy (2009) A searing exploration into the dark, unseen world of government secrecy. Through revealing interviews with characters ranging from former CIA agents to everyday citizens who've been affected by the government's most closely guarded programs, "Secrecy" attempts to understand what degree of openness and transparency a democracy demands. Combining animation, installations, a mesmerizing score, and riveting interviews, this acclaimed film sheds light through the dark corridors of government classification. $26.95. Extras: Commentary by the Filmmakers, interview outtakes, extended sequences, extracted stories, filmmaker biographies. (Docurama).

Sense and Sensibility (1971) Sheila Ballantine, Joanna David, Michael Aldridge, Patricia Routledge. Classic BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's immensely popular novel. New to DVD. (Warner).

Shrink (2009) Kevin Spacey, Saffron Burrows, Dallas Roberts, Mark Webber, Keke Palmer. A top celebrity psychiatrist in Los Angeles with an A-list clientele, including a famous actress, a wildly insecure young writer and an obsessive-compulsive super-agent must come to grips with his own demons, eventually taking on a "pro bono" case, a beautiful but troubled teenage girl. Extras: Deleted scenes, commentary by director Jonas Pate and producer Braxton Pope, interviews with Pate and Pope, Jackson Browne music video "Here." (Lionsgate).

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009) Sixth entry in the popular series of DC Universe Animated Original PG-13 Movies. United States President Lex Luthor uses the oncoming trajectory of a Kryptonite asteroid to frame Superman and declare a $1 billion bounty on the heads of the Man of Steel and his "partner in crime," Batman. Heroes and villains alike launch a relentless pursuit of Superman and Batman, who must unite - and recruit help - to stop the asteroid and foil Luthor's plan. Available as a single-disc DVD, a two-disc DVD special edition and Blu-ray Disc. Extras: "The Blackest Night" DC Comics event featurette, "A Test of Minds" Superman and Batman featurette, "Dinner With DC" featurette, extended sneak peak at next DCU film, digital copy download. (Warner).

Traffik Remastered 20th Anniversary Edition (1989) Remastered edition of the universally acclaimed six-part British miniseries that inspired Steven Soderbergh's Oscar-winning film "Traffic." Seen on PBS's Masterpiece Theatre in 1990, the miniseries stars Bill Paterson, Lindsay Duncan and Julia Ormond. Two-volume set, $39.99. (Acorn Media).

Ultraman: The Complete Series (1966-67) Four-disc set with all 39 episodes, $14.98. (Mill Creek Entertainment).

The Unit Season Four (2008-09) Six-disc set with 22 episodes, $69.99. Extras: "Into Hell: A Brotherhood Divided" featurette, "Shadow Riders: A Western Come Undone" featurette, "Snake Doctor: A Leader Among Us" featurette, deleted scenes. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Fox).

The Unit Complete Giftset Nineteen-disc set, $199.98. Extras: Featurettes, commentary, deleted scenes. (Fox).

A Very Brave Witch ... and More Great Halloween Stories for Kids (2009) In the title story, narrated by Elle Fanning, a little witch decides she'd finally like to see what Halloween is all about, even though she's deathly afraid of humans. As soon as she makes a new friend, she discovers how much fun trick-or-treating with humans can be. Includes seven other beautifully narrated and animated tales: "By the Light of the Halloween Moon," "A Dark, Dark Tale," "Georgie," "The Witch in the Cherry Tree," "The Three-Legged Cat," "The Three Robbers" and "Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain." $14.95. (Scholastic Storybook Treasures).

The Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition (1939) Directed by Victor Fleming, produced by Mervyn LeRoy, and scored by Herbert Stothart, with music and lyrics by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg. Ray Bolger appeared as the Scarecrow; Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion, Jack Haley as the Tin Woodman, Frank Morgan was seen in six different roles, including that of the "wonderful Wizard" himself. Dorothy was portrayed by a 4-foot 11-inch 16-year-old girl who quickly earned her reputation as "the world's greatest entertainer" - the incomparable Judy Garland. And don't forget the witches: Billie Burke and Margaret Hamilton. Housed in numbered collectible packaging; available for a limited time only for $69.92 (DVD) and $84.99 (Blu-ray). Includes 16 Hours of enhanced content, four of which are brand new; includes new documentaries, featurettes, a sing-along track and collectibles. Also available as a Special Edition two-disc set for $21.95. The film has been entirely remastered, with each of the original Technicolor camera negatives scanned using 8K resolution. From this scan, a final "capture" master was created in 4K, yielding twice the resolution seen in the master utilized for the film's previous DVD release.
  • Special Edition extras: Commentary by John mooe with Barbara Freed-Saltzman (daughter of Arthur Freed), Margaret Hamilton, Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, John Lahr (son of Bert Lahr), Jane Lahr (daughter of Bert Lahr), Hamilton Meserve (son of Margaret Hamilton), Dona Massin (MGM choreographer), William Tuttle (make-up artist), Buddy Ebsen, Mervyn LeRoy, and Jerry Maren; "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Storybook"; "Prettier Than Ever: The Restoration of Oz"; "We Haven't Really Met Properly"; music and effects track; original mono track; The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Making of a Movie Classic (1990 TV special); "Memories of Oz" (2001 TCM documentary); "The Art of Imagination: A Tribute to Oz"; "Because of the Wonderful Things it Does: The Legacy of Oz"; Harold Arlen's home movies; outtakes and deleted scenes; "It's a Twister! It's a Twister!" the tornado tests; "Off to See the Wizard"; three vault shorts; audio jukebox selection: "Leo Is on the Air" radio promo, "Good News of 1939" radio show; 2/25/1950 Lux Radio Theater broadcast; still galleries; six theatrical trailers.

  • 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition extras add: "The Dreamer of Oz" makes its long-awaited home video debut (also remastered). This full-length motion picture was an NBC-TV special in 1990, telling the back story of author L. Frank Baum, "the Royal Historian of Oz." Stars John Ritter, Annette O'Toole and Rue McClanahan; "Victor Fleming, Master Craftsman" new feature-length documentary produced specifically for this release; "Hollywood Celebrates It's Biggest Little Stars" new featurette stars seven of the original "Munchkins of Oz" and tells the saga of the long journey, culminating in them receiving their own 2007 Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; "The Magic Cloak of Oz": The first release of the complete 1914 silent film, including lost footage never before included in a home video presentation of this feature (produced by Baum himself); "The Patchwork Girl of Oz": Another 1914 Baum-produced, feature-length silent film, new to Warner Home Video; "The Wizard of Oz Sing-Along Track"; "L. Frank Baum: The Man Behind the Curtain"; "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" (1910); "The Wizard of Oz" (1933); "The Wizard of Oz" (1925 feature); "His Majesty, The Scarecrow of Oz"; digital copy.
    In addition, the Ultimate sets include: Reproductions of Archival Material: Renderings of the original 1939 Oz campaign, exploitation, and press books. These materials constitute a Hollywood "holy grail" for Oz, Garland, and motion picture fans alike and, for decades, have been among the most sought-after and impossible-to-find collectibles; "Behind the Curtain," a 52-page miniature coffee-table book, assembled by pre-eminent Oz historian John mooe. Encompassing much previously unpublished material, the deluxe volume includes behind-the-scenes Oz photographs, studio memos, and script pages for abandoned scenes and musical numbers; exclusive "Wizard of Oz Watch," a collectible and numbered 70th Anniversary watch, incorporating art from the film and enhanced with genuine crystals. (Warner).
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