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AV Sound Lab said:
Dynamic compression is an extremely common recording practice, in the music industry most commonly occurring during the mastering process. In this process, peaks and dips in sound pressure level (SPL), measured in decibels (dB), are reduced, making everything relatively louder and thus reducing, if not removing, detail from the piece. What makes this practice worse is that it is a process which the music industry does not give the consumer any choice in, meaning that music buyers must blindly accept what has been done, regardless of their personal preference. Gaining an understanding of the perceptions of dynamic compression is extremely important because it may show that preference lies in uncompressed, more life-like, music. The author believes that preference will lie with the uncompressed version no matter what variables are present, whether they are age, sex or musicianship...

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This thread is for all discussion of the Dynamic Compression article found on AV Sound Lab.
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