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A few thins about this setup:

1. I am using the REW and an ECM8000 to tune my bedroom studio. I understand the purpose of using an external preamp for the ECM8000 in the case that you are using a consumer grade soundcard with limited mic input. However, if I am using a Motu Ultralite whihc has a relatively high quality mic preamp with phantom power, can I just plug the ECM8000 directly into it?

2. I also read through this forum and I guess it was not clear at first but I need an SPL meter in addition to the mic in order to properly calibrate the SPL levels of my speakers? I guess this is so that REW knows what levels it is actually puttin out (e.g. if the display says 70db then that means my SPL meter is also reading 70db at the listening position ...this is to take into account any gain/attenuation stages that may be between the soundcard output and the speakers).

3. At the listening position, my ECM8000 should be pointing straight up? Is the capsule level at the same level as the tweaters?

4. Are the spl measurements made at the listening position? If so, should the mic also be pointing straight up? or pointing horzintally towards the virtual center point of the two speakers?

many thanks! REW is an excellent piece of software :)
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