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Motu Ultralite whihc has a relatively high quality mic preamp with phantom power, can I just plug the ECM8000 directly into it?
Yep. Many here use the M-Audio products also that have proper built in mic pre-amps.

but I need an SPL meter in addition to the mic in order to properly calibrate the SPL levels of my speakers?
Yeah, but as you say, if you feel you can roughly estimate anywhere near 75dB, then you can get away with that, then you run the REW calibrate routine and tell REW that the level set at the listening position is 75dB. If it happens to be 80db, it's OK.

At the listening position, my ECM8000 should be pointing straight up? Is the capsule level at the same level as the tweaters?
Sure, but don't get too crazy. :) It's an omni mic and as long as it's up, you're good.

Are the spl measurements made at the listening position? If so, should the mic also be pointing straight up?

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