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Yes, the fan noise problem was with the Ep1500. Perhaps my A500 was defective, but not only was the THD unacceptably high the S/N was very low and there was plenty of audible distortion driving 8-ohm loads. If it was unique to the sample I had then perhaps it speaks more about their quality consistency than to their design.
The A500 has a known defect at 3khz. Which would be a nightmare to any full ranger. I'd suggest it only for subs.

Replacing the fan is trivial and take less than 5 minutes. The instructions are on this sight somewhere actually, but if you want a great amp I suggest the Yamaha P series amps. Stone quiet and very high quality. Somethings are worth the extra money. This is one of them IMO.

The ep2500 is a step up from the 1500 I believe, but the ep4000 is the same exact amp. Another option is to build your own amp. There are kits available at 41hz for assembly. I plan to build 3 amps for my future 3-way. I dream of it. HiFi RTI 1 unfaced with a Infinity MRS driver and a TC sounds 8" bottom.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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