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Cobbled together over the years is my current system:

Paradigm Studio 40 v.2, Studio CC 450 v.2, Studio ADP 450 v.2
DIY 15" subwoofer, featuring Rotel amplification and Solobaric driver:hsd:
Marantz SR5004 AVR
Panasonic DVD-H1000 DVD player:spend:
DVDO Iscan video processor
Sony KDL-46W3000 LCD television
Xbox and Xbox360
Apple Airplay wireless:R
DirecTV HD
Monster HTS5000 power conditioner
Cabling by AudioQuest and Tributaries

Many changes, more to come I'm sure. Although at this point, I think barring a windfall it will be tweaks and incremental upgrades.:heehee:
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