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I'm about to purchase a projection screen, and trying to decide whether to get an electric or fixed frame. It would be nice to have the screen disappear when not in use, but not totally necessary. My concern is the screen sagging or curling over time. Also, do AT screens look as good as non AT? Not really thinking of placing speakers behind, but more for acoustically treating the room.

Theater info-
Room: 13.5'W X 18.5'D w/ 12' vaulted ceiling. I have one 5'X5' window on rear wall that can be blacked out for viewing.
Screen: 125" diagonal 16:9 or 16:10
Panasonic AT-AE8000U
approx 17' throw (well within proj specs)
9' - 12' Viewing position

Looking at Elite Screens 125 Inch 16:9 Spectrum Acoustically Transparent Electric Projection Screen (61.3"Hx109"W)
or ???

If I go the fixed route, I would make my own frame on the wall, and just get the screen material.
Looking at Da-Lite HD Progressive 0.6 or Elite AcousticPro material.

Any Ideas?


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Personally I like the fixed frame best. I went with the SeymourAV XD Material and I love it. If you don't want to see the screen during the day you can have a picture come down in front of it or have it covered with curtains. The only way I would get a pull down would be with the tensioned screens, but I still think that a fixed screen will give you the best image quality. :T:T
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