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Electrified Discounters

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Electrified Discounters, Inc.
110 Webb Street
Hamden, Connecticut 06517

203-777-7853 fax

I don't have much experience with this company other than that they sell projection TV lamps that claim to be OEM equivalents. The one that I saw from them seemed to be very poor quality and lasted only a matter of days. It did not have any Philips nor Osram markings as the OEM lamps would. I DO NOT recommend using lamps that are equivalents or remanufactured. Get the original lamp for your set.
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The conclusion that several servicers I know come to is that there is no reason to deal with this company when there are highly reliable distributors with a record of great service who have what appear to be better products, better warranties, and better records with the BBB.

This vendor does NOT meet my criteria for recommendation.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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