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Hi all... just got my screen installed last weekend in a pocket configuration. Because of constraints, I decided to DYI the in-ceiling installation and trim. I'll post some pictures as soon as I can get them off the camera so some of this discussion makes more sense. I framed in a pocket dimensions for the screen based upon the dimensions provided in the Elite instruction manual. Generally the screen was relatively easy to install, but because of weight... it took me, my son, and my son's friend to accomplish.

Lesson Learned #1. Pocket Width. Manufacturer instructions say allow 2 inches front and back of screen for pocket installation. I'd say this is not enough. The brackets allow for the screen to hang in the center of the pocket, but 2 inches is not enough room to reach up and around the screen to install and tighten the 2 hanging bolts. I had to notch with my framing with a Sawzall to get hand clear... looks bad, but the custom trim door will cover.

Lesson Learned #2. Pocket Height. Elite provides you dimensions in a table for the screen case. I allowed for the bracket and the hanging bolt, but still came up about 3/4" too shallow. Again... fixing this with custom wood trim.

Lesson Learned #3. Make sure you allow for sufficient space above or adjacent to screen for power plug in and such. I didn't. Very tight fit and I put a small surge protector strip above the projector screen. Wish I had thought this through better. Might have actually switched the plug so that I could turn power off to screen. We have a lot of lightning and power fluctuations. I will eventually attempt to hook to PJ with 12V trigger... i did plan for that.

Ok... these are just some suggestions for those of you who might be planning a in-ceiling type mount. Hopefully it helps. Pictures will be posted tonight or this weekend. I won't mention that it has been so long during construction that I lost the accessory remote box somewhere in the construction mess and had to order a new one from Elite. :wits-end: Elite customer service was helpful and prompt. I am sure that we'll find it as soon as we unbury everything.

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