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Hello forum.

I'm ready to shop for a screen on my almost complete HT. My setup is a Pioneer PRO-FPJ1 projector (RS2 clone) and Panamorph UH440 lense. The PJ is mounted 8' high and 14' 8" back of my 15' by 17' totally light controlled room. I am looking for a 2.37:1 AR screen with a height of 48". I have received samples from Carada, Stewart, Da-Lite and Elite Screens. So far I like the Elite PowerGain and the Stewart StudioTek 130 G3 but due to pricing I'm considering the Elite screen but with the wider 3.5" frame.

Has anybody here had any experience with this screen from Elite? How about pricing? I believe this is a custom install product and Elite told me to contact my local distributor. I called and was informed that they no longer carry Elite Screens. Is there a online e-tailer that carries this screen?



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Here you go. :T

Elite does not produce a 2.35:1 "Dream
Window" (Elite Prime Vision 3.5" Frame) screen at this time but custom
orders can be made with about an 8-week turnaround.

Go to:

Here are the closest alternates that we have in regular production:
Curve235-125W 125"(2.35:1) 49.0"h 115.2"w
This is a 2.35:1 (125") matte white curved screen that has a 49" height
(Matte white material) 3.5" frame
R125WH1-Wide 125"(2.35:1) 49.0"h 115.2"w

This is a 2.35:1 (125") matte white fixed frame screen (flat) with a 2.36"
I'm pm'ing you a couple of email addresses so that you know who to contact.
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