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Eminence LAB 12 Professional build

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Hello I'm new to the forum. I have a HT and was running a Martin & Logan grotto. Then last week I found a Velodyne HT-120 with a bad amp (Only 10.00) I piked up a SPA 250 and was happy. Then I found a pair of Eminence LAB 12 Professional I picked one up (Going to get the other this week). Well the sub sounds amazing but knew the box was to small. So I started to look at how to make a new box. So far this is what I have come up with. I'm looking any kind of input please. I just saw the post Dual Eminence LAB12 Ported/Sealed and wow what workmanship. The enclosure will be 22X22X19 with a 4 inch port 17 long ( I like the look better with two not sure how to do that) Thanks


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Really like the look of the dual 4's but not sure on the length. When I put duals in it comes up with 29.73 do I cut that in half the depth is only 19 so cant really do 29.73. Want to start building this week end any help would be great.
Hi Frank, I feel you can get a bit more of lower frequencies from the Lab 12 than you appear to be simulating for. If it's for HT, the knee of your simulation curve should aim for 20hz at least. Then all you need to do is control excursion and airspeed. Whatever volume you get in the process will decide the dimensions of the box. The more ports you put in the longer the ports will be. Let the airspeed guide you in deciding the size and number of ports.
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