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Emotiva Audio Corporation
106 Mission Court
Suite 101
Franklin, TN 37067
615-771-1128 fax

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

After many years as an audio electronics manufacturer for other companies, Dan Laufman wanted to introduce his own brand of electronics built around two of his passions: music and home theater. The challenge was to bring the same quality, high end equipment he was manufacturing for others and offer that directly to the consumers, thereby eliminating all the middlemen and making available to everyone the same equipment that fueled his passion.

To start any company, you first must have a name. That one word that says so much about who we are and what we do and for Dan there was only one that summed it all up……EMOTIVA. The one word that translates to Emotion and signifies the passion put into every product we make. Thus Emotiva was born and that passion continues today. We are passionate about what we do and bring that passion to every aspect of who we are and how we do business. From the attention to detail in the design and manufacturing to our commitment to our customers. We believe in what we do - bringing you audiophile quality equipment at the best possible prices.


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Emotiva was an unknown to me until I began shopping for external amps for my Denon AVR-A100. I liked the XPA-5 that I bought so much that I bought it a sister and a little brother. So, I now have Audyssey DSX 11.2 with each channel fed with 200WRMS of clean Emotiva power.

Emotiva's amps are well built, like a tank some have said. They certainly don't skimp on weight, as my back could tell you after taking them into the HT. That is a good indication of hefty power supplies and sufficient heat sinks that allow the amps to run cool. I admit I have fans on mine, but only because they are inside a Salamander Synergy cabinet.

The new XPR line must surely be something, as good as the XPA line is.
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