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This may be more of a carpentry or cabinet-making question than one about subwoofers in particular, but so be it...

I've made a few mistakes building my sub enclosure (out of MDF). I have some long narrow gaps I'm going to need to fill, as well as a gouge I made by accident with the router while trying to trim the sides flush, and I want opinions on the best way to do it. A good seal is more important than appearance, since I'm going to skin the entire box with walnut veneer, so nothing will be visible from the outside. The corollary to that is that anything on the outside surface needs to be able to stick to PVA / white glue.

As a side note, I've also got a line on a free wine barrel from a friend in the wine business, and I've got a 15" driver coming in the mail shortly that wants a 7 cubic foot enclosure for a good ported solution. 225 liters ~> 7.9 cubic feet. I'll let everyone know how it goes if it ever comes to pass. The hardest work would be making the old barrel look nice - polishing the metal bands and cleaning up the wood. (or maybe just staining all the wood with red wine for a consistent color)
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