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Hi all,
I was contemplating between Epson 2040 (because of cost, 2 yr warranty, low bulb cost ) or other DLP (better contrast?) but saw a good deal and bought the epson.

Setup: This will go in my living room (rented house). Projector to screen will be ~15 feet and that requires ~140" screen. Projector will not be ceiling mounted due a fan in the center of the room but placed above and slightly behind the couch. (viewing distance is an issue but can't help). The walls and ceiling are dull yellow in color with rough texture and reflect very little light. Otherwise, the room can be completely dark in the nights and 90% dark during day. 99% of the time, projector will be used during nights. Rarely for 3D.

Screen: Looking for a motorized one ~140" diagonal. I am ok if the contrast is slightly bad but can't tolerate if the image looks washed. Budget is less than $500. Should I go for a grey screen (0.8 gain) or a white matte (1.1 gain)? If white matte, I can buy Elite screen, spectrum series, 142" for $448 from amazon or worst case Favi 150" for $400. If gray, I am not able to find any ready to use screens that fits my budget. All my research online suggests white screen if ambient light can be controlled but no definitive answer.

If I have to make one, Carl's pro grey screen material ($90, 16 lbs weight) + tubular motor (that can lift 16 lbs, averages ~$250 - not sure about the cost, oma automation or roller trol has these motors ) + some DIY time.

What do you suggest? White or grey? Anyone uses Epson 2040 on 1.1 gain screen and is happy with contrast and color?

Thank you very much for reading this. It's 2 weeks since the projector came and too hard to wait for a educated buy on the screen.
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