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I thought I would give something back here been 3 years probably from my last post. I painted my screen unique gray or whatever its called 3 years ago. Never happy with the white's cause like Mech and Harp have said there is no magical formula to get the whites and the blacks the way you want them.

Turns out I valued whites more than the blacks, bugged me the whites were really light very light grays. My bulb went out a 3 weeks ago and by the way I ran living room mode kids watched a lot and trying to save bulb hours that is what I did and I thought the picture was better with living room mode.

So I took a chance on an ebay bulb for 42 bucks, seller had a 100% rating and believe it or not a one year guarantee on the bulb. Okay $250 for an Epson bulb so even if I buy one every year will take 6 years to equal the epson bulb. Boy was I surprised only a few weeks now and I will try to update my take on the bulb but so far so good. It takes a little longer than the epson bulb to get up to the brightness level but it gets there.

Today I decided to run the projector in Dynamic mode actually had come back to the forum was going to repaint the screen with snowfield as I wanted the whites back and that was going to be a pain to repaint. My whites are back to what I want them anyway, yes the blacks took a bit of a hit but not so much I was unhappy. And again you have to decide whats more important to you but since my last child is leaving for college this year the projector hours are going to be much less so running in Dynamic is not a big deal.

If you want the seller on ebay please pm me I don't want to violate any rule or upset any sponsors here.

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