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Hello! Totally new to this audiostuff. How to decide, what are the best settings for my EQ filters?

I'm just setting it up to create a configuration for Equalizer APO. I have Creative 2.1 speakers with 20W (?) subwoofer thats turned on "minimum" but bass is still too loud for my little room. I turned lower end EQ settings to minimum in Winamp but movies and other stuff, especially internet videos (youtube etc) are still too bassy and i really dont want to terrorize my neighbours anymore.

My settings for REW v5.0 EQ Filters settings: (as recommended in Equalizer APO little tutorial)

Generic (1-5)
Control "Manual" (all 5 of them)
Type "PK" (all 5)

But then: frequency ??, gain ??, Q ??
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