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Our Equipment List
“A Nice Mid-Fi System,” According to an Audiophile Acquaintance​

Main System

-- Pioneer PDP-6010FD 60”plasma TV (review).

Video Components
-- Roku Express.
-- Denon DBT-3313UDCI universal disc player (review).

Audio Components
-- Yamaha CX-A5000 home theater preamp-processor (review).
-- Yamaha RX-Z9 home theater receiver (as multi-channel amplifier - review).

Audio Signal Processing
-- Yamaha YDP2006 digital parametric equalizer (four total, one each for L/R mains, rear channels, center channel, and subwoofers - review).

-- Adcom ACE-515 line conditioner/power director.
-- AudioControl R-130 real time analyzer (gives visual frequency response display of all audio program material).
-- Yamaha DT-60 audio timer (provides a digital clock display and looks like another system component).
-- AC Infinity Aircom T10 receiver cooling component (for RX-Z9).
-- Chase Technologies RLC-1 remote line controller (provides remote control for subwoofer – review).
-- Niles APC-2 Outlet Switcher (allows Adcom ACE-515 to be switched via 12-volt trigger).
-- Radio Shack 15-2164 omnidirectional FM antenna.

-- Canton Karat 920DC front L / C / R speakers.
-- Canton Plus D rear surround speakers.
-- Realistic Minimus 7W front DSP effects speakers.
-- Hsu Research ULS-15 MK2 15" subwoofer (review).

-- Blue Jeans Cables Belden Series-FE and Monoprice Certified Premium HDMI cables.
-- Custom DIY audio cabling, featuring Canare L-4E5C cable stock, using Neutrik NYS373 and Dayton Super RCAs , and Switchcraft A3M and A3F XLR connectors.
-- A few vintage Radio Shack Gold Series audio cables are used.

Bedroom System (pictures)

-- Pioneer Kuro PDP-5020FD 50" plasma TV (review).
-- Yamaha RX-A2020 home theater A/V receiver (review).
-- Roku Express.
-- Denon DBT-1713UD universal disc player (review).
-- Yamaha YDP2006 digital parametric equalizer (for subwoofer - review).
-- Pioneer DT-555 audio timer (for clock display).
-- Niles AC3 Outlet Switcher (allows Yamaha equalizer to be switched on via 12-volt trigger).

-- Paradigm Atom front (review).
-- Paradigm CC-170 center (review).
-- Realistic Minimus 7 rear.
-- Paradigm DSP-3100 10" subwoofer.

- Monoprice and some custom.

Computer Audio System
-- Tascam US122L USB audio interface (review).
-- Yamaha YDP2006 digital parametric equalizer.
-- Furman PL-Plus power conditioner (for power management, modified to switch desk lamps on and off).
-- Swans MK200 mutimedia speakers (review).
-- Velodyne SPL 10 RBG 10" subwoofer (powered by a RAMSA WP-9055 amplifier).

“Recording studio” for recording streaming MP3s from the Internet and transferring music from LPs and cassettes to digital:
- Yamaha KX-630 three-head cassette deck.​
- Early '00s Pioneer PDR-509 CD recorder.​
- Late '70s Technics SL-3200 turntable with an early '80s Shure V15 Type V-MR cartridge.​
- Early '90s Yamaha AVS-700 pre-amplifier (used for source switching).​

-- Custom DIY audio cabling, featuring a Mogami W2932 8-channel multicore cable with Dayton Super RCA plugs.
-- Additional DIY interconnects made from Canare L-2E5 cable stock and Neutrik NYS373 RCAs.

See my bass guitar rig

Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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My Stage and FOH-Friendly Bass Rig

  • Allen Breaux Boogie Man custom hand-made 4-string.
  • MV Pedulla Thunderbass ET5 5-string.
  • MV Pedulla Thunderbuzz ET5 fretless 5-string.
  • Tobias Classic 5-string.
Main Equipment Rack
  • Furman PL-Tuner power director/tuner (modified for rear signal input).
  • Ashly BP-41 pre amp.
  • dbx 160X compressor.
  • Ashly SRA-2150 stereo amplifier (80 watts per channel @ 8 ohms, 150 watts @ 4 ohms (for at-home practicing or other on-stage uses as needed).
The main rack is used for gigs where no stage rig is needed due to full PA support with subwoofers, supplying a balanced line out to the house system. If there is no in-ear monitor system I’ll use the EV speaker listed below to hear myself, powered by the Ashly amplifier. A patch panel on the back of the rack also allows me to also utilize the Ashly amp for specialized needs, such as a dedicated monitor to better hear the primary vocalist, guitar or keyboard player.

Secondary Equipment Rack
  • Yamaha YDP2006 stereo digital 6-band parametric equalizer (as crossover and EQ).
  • Crest Audio Pro7200 stereo amplifier (590 watts @ 8 ohms,1000 watts per channel @ 4 ohms).
For gigs where there is minimal PA support and my stage rig needs to carry the house, I add a secondary rack for a full-range bi-amped rig. Used with the Genzler and EAW speakers listed below.

  • Electro Voice ZX 1 – 8” two-way speaker (as bass monitor if needed).
  • Genzler BA12-3 – 12” two-way cabinet.
  • Eastern Acoustics Works SB-150 15" subwoofer.
  • Custom-made guitar cables with Canare L-2T2S cable and Switchcraft 226 90° plugs.

Instruments Pictures

Musical instrument Guitar Guitar accessory String instrument accessory Musical instrument accessory

MV Pedulla Thunderbuzz ET-5 fretless
(2006) Bubinga top plate

Musical instrument Guitar String instrument Guitar accessory Musical instrument accessory

MV Pedulla Thunderbass ET-5
(2005) Cocobolo top plate

Musical instrument Guitar String instrument Guitar accessory Plucked string instruments

Tobias Classic
(1999) AAAAA quilted maple top with wenge tone plate and walnut back

Guitar Musical instrument Guitar accessory Musical instrument accessory String instrument accessory

Allen Breaux Boogie Man (custom hand-made)
(1994) Flame maple wings (top and bottom) with wenge tone plate; bubinga center with purpleheart stringers; rock maple bolt-on neck with wenge stringers

Equipment Pictures

Musical instrument Guitar String instrument String instrument Musical instrument accessory
Full Stage Rig

Electrical wiring Audio equipment Electronic instrument Computer desk Desktop computer

Rear View

Electronic instrument Electrical wiring Audio equipment Gas Electronic engineering

Main Rack Rear Panel

Audio equipment Electronic component Electronic instrument Musical instrument accessory Electronic device

Rear Panel Detail

Musical instrument Musical instrument accessory Audio equipment Audio receiver Electronic instrument

Previous Rack Compliment, with Separate EQs for House and Stage
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