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Our Equipment List
“A Nice Mid-Fi System,” According to an Audiophile Acquaintance​

Main System

-- Pioneer PDP-6010FD 60”plasma TV (review).

Video Components
-- Roku Express.
-- Pioneer BDP-23FD blu ray player.

Audio Components
-- Yamaha RX-Z7 home theater receiver ( as preamp-processor - review).
-- Yamaha RX-Z9 home theater receiver (as multi-channel amplifier - review).

Audio Signal Processing
-- Yamaha YDP2006 digital parametric equalizer (three total, one each for L/R mains, center channel, and subwoofers - review).

-- Adcom ACE-515 line conditioner/power director.
-- AudioControl R-130 real time analyzer (gives visual frequency response display of all audio program material).
-- Yamaha DT-2 audio timer (provides a digital clock display and looks like another system component).
-- AC Infinity Aircom T10 receiver cooling component (for RX-Z9).
-- Radio Shack 15-2164 omnidirectional FM antenna.

-- Canton Karat 920 DC front L / C / R speakers.
-- Canton Plus D rear surround speakers.
-- Realistic Minimus 7W front DSP effects speakers (don't laugh, I needed something small and they were free!).
-- Hsu Research ULS-15 MK2 subwoofer (review).

-- Blue Jeans Cables Belden Series-FE and Monoprice Certified Premium HDMI cables.
-- Custom DIY audio cabling, featuring Canare L-4E5C cable stock, using Neutrik NYS373 and Dayton Super RCAs , and Switchcraft A3M and A3F XLR connectors.
-- A few vintage Radio Shack Gold Series audio cables are used.

Bedroom System (pictures)

-- Pioneer Kuro PDP-5020FD 50" plasma TV (review).
-- Yamaha RX-2500 home theater receiver (review).
-- Roku Express.
-- Pioneer BDP-23FD blu ray player (review).
-- Yamaha YDP2006 digital parametric equalizer (for subwoofer - review).
-- Pioneer DT-555 audio timer (for clock display).

-- Paradigm Atom front (review).
-- Paradigm CC70 center (review).
-- Realistic Minimus 7 rear.
-- Paradigm DSP-3100 10" subwoofer.

- Monoprice and some custom.

Computer Audio System
-- Tascam US122L USB audio interface (review).
-- Yamaha YDP2006 digital parametric equalizer.
-- Furman PL-Plus power conditioner (for power management, modified to switch desk lamps on and off).
-- Swans MK200 mutimedia speakers (review).
-- Velodyne SPL 10 RBG 10" active subwoofer (basically identical to SPL-1000R, but without DSP processing or remote - user reviews).

“Recording studio” for recording streaming MP3s from the Internet and transferring music from LPs and cassettes to digital:
- Yamaha KX-630 three-head cassette deck.​
- Early '00s Pioneer PDR-509 CD recorder.​
- Late '70s Technics SL-3200 turntable with an early '80s Shure V15 Type V-MR cartridge.​
- Early '90s Yamaha AVS-700 pre-amplifier (used for source switching).​

-- Custom DIY audio cabling, featuring a Mogami W2932 8-channel multicore cable with Dayton Super RCA plugs.
-- Additional DIY interconnects made from Canare L-2E5 cable stock and Neutrik NYS373 RCAs.

See my bass guitar rig!

Wayne A. Pflughaupt
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