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Eugene Hi-Fi / DeVore Fidelity

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Eugene Hi-Fi/DeVore Fidelity - Room 1004

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A mix of digital and analog was played. A wide soundstage was presented, with images recessed well behind the plane of the speakers. The high sensitivity design was very dynamic. Very good tone, but the deepest bass seemed absent, most likely a trade off for the high sensitivity. Midbass on up was very well balanced.

Also pictured in the background is the DeVore Orangutan O/93 speakers - $8,400/pr.
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First off, I'll say they are a great looking speaker, even with the plain paper cone. Looks like a nice bookmatched veneer, I like that baffle a lot. The website says they're designed specifically for low powered tubes, makes sense to me that they aren't putting out a lot of low end. Maybe paired with a (single or pair of) small sealed sub(s) they would really excel.
I would pair them with a sub or more, but I would do that to almost any speaker. :D
A very nice finish but Im dying to know what crossover design and components were used....quite expensive for a 2 way design so Im imagining that some exotic caps were used...:spend:
I think the name really fits the speaker, orangutan. Somehow they have an imposing look like a orangoutang. Currently I have a preference for a larger speaker with a lot of drivers to move a lot of air, but would consider a speaker of this quality to keep driver interference to a minimum. Something elegant about the setup with the tubes driving the simpler looking speaker.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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