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Not really bothered about hitting that 50 post thing tbh but thought this would be fun anyway :D

Front end
Stereo - Krell DT10, Monarchy Audio DIP24/96, Monarchy Audio dual 20 bit DAC
5.1 - Sony BDP-S550
Denon DVD2930

Other front end
Aiwa AP 2600 with Nagoaka MP11

Other AV
Pioneer DVD/HDD recorder
Panasonic NS-SV120 SVHS

Stereo - Classe Audio DR5
5.1 - Audio Research MP1

Active crossover
Behringer DCX2496

Krell KSA250
Parasound HCA1206
Carver M1.5T

NS1000M (3 pairs heavily modified & semi active)
440L (15.5ft3) subwoofers with 2 x 15" in each (12.5Hz not a problem) x4! :bigsmile:

Toshiba 42Z3030
Mitsubishi HC5000 (120" screen)

Cabling :whistling:
All sorts, Van Den Hul & allsorts including cheap homemade stuff :rofl:

My brain is melting :blink:

One day soon it'll all be combined into my ideal AV & hifi setup...

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Well the enclosures are home made but i'm assuming you mean drivers? Some large displacement Monacor PA types if i remember correctly. They certainly move some air, with just 60W an 8ft long radiator took a severe dislike to 16Hz & threatened to come off of the wall. Took quite a while to shut everything up :D
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