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Everquest Next has more than 40 classes; five listed

Everquest Next blew up at SoE Live in Las Vegas this weekend, and we’re still sorting through the fallout. Today’s best rubble find is the first five revealed classes.

Massively reports that players start with a choice of eight classes before gaining the ability to multi-class with over 40 options.

Five of the classes have been revealed so far: Rogue, Warrior, Tempest, Blademaster and Wizard.
The playable races are Dwarf, Human, Ogre, Elf, Dark Elf and Kerran.

Players will be able tell what class another player is by the way the character stands and holds their weapon. With 40 classes to choose form when multi-classing, it’s going to be pretty easy to hit on an uncommon combination, but builds can also be customised with items.

Everything we hear about Everquest Next makes it sound pretty sweet. For one thing, Sony Online Entertainment will release a robust creation kit called Landmark before the game launches, outsourcing some development to its player base.

No date has been set for the new MMO, but you can register for the beta. It’s coming to PC, and will scale to older models, and no PlayStation 4 release is planned – yet.

Source: VG24/7
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