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Export biquad files from REW for Najda-DSP

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in a few weeks i start to build a new Pre-Amp for my setup using the Najda-DSP from WAF-Audio. The measurements i will do with REW. Also the calculation for the correction i will do with REW. What is the way to export the biquad files as text-file?

Thanks for Help
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If you need biquad values the MiniDSP equaliser setting allows them to be exported in text format (note that a1 and a2 are negated).
Yes, thats the Problem for me. I also need the Datas for a1 and a2
a1 and a2 are there, but their signs are inverted which you need to take into account if using the values.
Thank You. I´ll test it in a few days!

Kind Regards
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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