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Just to explain what i want to do:
I use Cubase which comes with revence as an convultion inpulse reverb, where you can load your own impules (just like SIR, but then better and realtime)

I just need a stereo impulse of my room (which should be easy to create with REW right?)

So i made some measurements from my L & R channel
did choose generic EQ
applied filters from 0 - 5000hz.
all looked good and made sense so far
chosen export to filtered impulse
choose stereo 16bits
L measurement on top selection box
R measurement on bottom slection box
ticked Normalize

and the output is a mono file extremely short and soft. with a big 100db squared out wave at the beginning (probably why this wasn't normalized to decent levels) the big square wav is not vissible in my measurements

What am i doing wrong here?

P.S. i am yet in stage 1 here, which is: complete the workflow and get a working impulse.
stage 2 will be, does it make sense and how to tune my measurements and corrections further.

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Thanks for the response, bear with me, maybe i am not explaining myself good enough. My room is already treated

- i measure each channel induvidually in REW (left channel enclosed: note i calibrated lower than 75db just for testing, 75db tests will follow)
- I can apply filters with "generic EQ"
- There i can choose MONO or STEREO
- I choose STEREO and put my left measurement in the upper current filters box and my right measurement in the lower currrent filters box (assuming that i reflect my stereo setup here)
I choose 32 bit and OK
- a MONO file comes out (what is the function of STEREO?)

After that it's just loading this into Cubase, which is fine and i am comfortable with.

The purpose being: measure both speakers, create a stereo convultion, which once loaded in a host would work as room correction right?
basically i've got a a big spike at 101hz and a huge dip at 2.1khz.
maybe i should just EQ rather than convultion?


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