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Have been using REW to create convolution filters for Roon, following a great guide (not enough posts to link yet!) on the Roon forums. Getting pretty good results - thanks for creating this software!

I have a future request for the REW export impulse response section:

Have checkboxes for desired sample rates (rather than dropdown), and append the sample rate to the export filename. This way it wouldn't be necessary to repeat the process so many times to cover all sample rates (which is a bit tedious to be honest - especially since it doesnt remember what is going i the left and right channel).

Would be great to be able to export higher than 192 too.

Looking at the future, it would be great if your auto-EQ could be created without using Parametric EQ, but rather inverting the measured response and the guiding with the house curve. It would be much more accurate than restricting the EQ to 20 Parametric curves, when using with a genuine convolution engine rather than a Parametric EQ engine.
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