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Extending REW to import custom data files

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Is there a way to extend REW to import custom test data? Does REW provide a plugin interface or programmers API?

We have legacy data from APx500 measurements that we'd like to import directly. Currently, we have to save the APx500 project data to *.xlsx (with multiple Excel sheets) and convert to text files which REW can read. We'd like to do this in one step.

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No API, sorry. Do you have info on the format of the APx 500 files? Or the export formats it provides?
Thank you for the quick reply.

The vendor of the legacy data is Audio Precision. Their data files are XML "based" (not completely compliant), but the schema is not published (meaning the format can change "under the hood"). They provide a developer's interface to access their data files.

I had hoped to develop the plugin (and provide it back to REW) to load the APx500 data.

Is there any way forward on this ... ad hoc conversion when loaded?

I have an example (stripped down for size) Excel file that was exported, but this forum doesn't seem to allow it to be attached -- albeit, as far as I can tell.

We already have an application that coverts the exported data into a REW importable format.
We'd like to do all our work from REW ... not having to run external tools (APs our ours) :grin2:

Thanks again,
You can email files to me at [email protected]. Somewhere on my todo list is Excel file support using Apache POI, but I haven't had a sufficiently pressing need to go further than thinking it might come in handy one day. Parsing the AP format directly might be easier, particularly if the measurements already exist so future format changes aren't a factor. If you send me an AP file and the Excel export from it I can have a look.
Check you inbox ... thanks :wink2:
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