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External Scalers like DVD0 Edge

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Anyone using these for CIH? I am interested in the DVD0 Edge, but during a play with one, found that I could only Vertically Stretch the image, but not Horizontally Squeeze the image. Can this be done, and if so, what is the menu section?

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Video EQ Giveaway.

I haven't been on here in a while, but noticed the Video EQ giveaway. As I didn't think it polite to post in the thread itself, I'll put it here incase anyone comes across it:

IMHO the only way to own a Video EQ is if it's free: The support was awful, they seem to have stopped developing it and a number of users (me included) seemed to have various issues with it: I had to turn off the Blue CMS adjustment as it just caused severe clipping on the Spears & Munsil test patterns blue clipping test. Thankfully I sold mine and bought a Lumagen Mini3D which is vastly better supported and does a much better job than my previous Edge/VEQ combo.

Frankly I'm surprised this forum is putting it's name to this product as it doesn't reflect very well on HTS.

At least it's free I guess...just hope that you get the Duo if you're a winner.
Have they stopped supporting the VideoEQ? That would not be good at all! I didn't have any of the issues you suffered but I do agree that it is a bit overpriced. While I don't think it should be free, it should at least be half the price they charge. Especially if support has gone by the wayside.

As for Lumagen, they were contacted for a product review and agreed to it - but not for a giveaway. But they have yet to send anything along. Maybe they've forgotten. :huh: I would have liked to have gotten my hands on one of the mini3D's for a review... :foottap:
I asked a question on their support forum over Christmas and two months later it still wasn't answered. It's not as if the forum is a busy one as it was still the most recent post in that section last time I looked. Compared to Lumagen who issued a firmware update the same day as I raised an issue, they seem to have dropped the ball in support terms.

I only say about it being 'free' as it is part of the HTS giveaway competition/prize draw, but I think that poorly supported products don't reflect well on this site, so I'm surprised at HTS.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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