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Little background, folks. I purchased two Exodus Audio Tempest X-2 woofers a while back. I was intending to build two 8 Cuft. sealed enclosures at the time. So I cut the parts for two enclosures. I have one up and running. It is more than enough for the room with one one of Kevin's Face Audio F700TS amps and is sounding better every day as it breaks in.

Now, I am thinking of doing a ported enclosure with the other Tempest since I have the materials cut. The original enclosure dimensions were for the Focal fifteen inch audiom. It was tuned for 25 Hz with slot port dimensions of 2.25" H X 18.5" W X 18.0" L.

I used a slot port calculator I found on the web to get the port size for a 20Hz tune. To get a 20 Hz tuning the port would have to be lengthened to 29.7", same height and width.

Does anyone see any problems with this project? I would like to hear the differences in the two enclosures and use the best sounding one.

All replies appreciated.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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