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I'm hoping someone who uses the FBQ can help me understand what the status display should look like when the PEQ filters are operating. When I set the filters and measure I get the same measurement curve as when the FBQ is in bypass mode, so the equalization is not happening. I can't determine whether I have programed something wrong or if the unit is not working properly.

On brucek's suggestion I tested a filter by running a sine wave at 60hz and then set a filter to attenuate the frequency. The filter did attenuate the signal so that suggests the unit is working, so what might I be doing wrong?

From page 6 of the manual:

Status Display

A constantly lit LED signalizes:

A filter is in the Parametric EQ mode (PEG), whereby gain has to be set to a value either higher or lower than 0 dB. A LED that only periodically blinks signalizes the selected filter is in the PEQ mode.

The LED that corresponds to the filters I have set do not blink - they remain constantly lit. I would be greatly appreciative if a user could tell me how the unit should 'look' when it is operating in PEQ mode -- do the LEDs blink?
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