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I've been reading your issues on AVS and the eD website. Since we both have the 805 and an eD sub, thought I'd chime in.

I recently have been re-visiting my sub calibration via the BFD and have found a few things. It has been necessary for me to check the input level for multiple formats as they seem to differ in terms of signal.
Like you, I found that I was clipping the input to the BFD and was unable to reduce the sub trim enough. This was with: TrueHD, DTS and DTS-MA sources. Dolby Digital and PCM would not sound any good since they had their bass reduced too much.

The solution is in the "Audio Adjustment" portion of the setup menu. Under "LFE Level" you are able to select a -10dB (or -20dB) trim to a particular format. I applied the -10dB to Dolby THD, DTS-MA and DTS.

Now I can have the main sub trim set to 0dB and they will all be close to the same level when sent to the BFD.

I found the noise floor too raised when utilizing the +4 setting on the BFD.

Experiment yourself and let us know how this works!
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