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Hi John,

I was reading the thread about etc measurements and reflection points and this reminded me of one feature I think is good in RPlusD: the real time etc measurements (but there are quite a few very good reasons why I prefer using REW - the price is NOT one of them).

The test signal seems to some sort of noise and a periodic pulse and the rta display shows the etc curves. This really is great for finding where the reflections are coming from: you can simply walk around the room with a sheet of absorber and when you get it between the mic and the reflection point...

Using this method I found one reflection I would never have understood from a static etc graph: the sound was bouncing off the ceiling and then the top of the near side wall - the distance traveled being near the same as that traveled by a reflection off of the far side wall (I had been piling up the absorbers there and nothing had been changing).
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