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I just purchased a Yamaha receiver a month ago. It was refurbished but looks brand new.
when I turn on the receiver and turn the volume up I’m getting feedback.
I unplugged the electrical cord from the power strip and plugged it into the wall outlet. I think I have it grounded.
not sure what else to do?
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You are probably confusing "feedback" with "ground loop hum" and they are ENTIRELY unrelated. Raise the volume till you hear a little hum, select and disconnect EACH INPUT one at a time until you find the input that causes the hum. When you know which 2 components are having trouble together, you can change where they are plugged in... connect them to the same power outlet. If that does not stop the hum, run a 20 gauge wire from the ground post on the AVR to some bare-metal screw on the other component so you connect the 2 chassis together directly. Your AVR likely does not have a grounded chassis as most of them made today have 2-wire power cords with no connection for ground.
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