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Hello community,

I just have received a receiver that I bought. Model is NAD T775HD, which had upgraded its audio board by a AM230 Digital Audio Board, and its video board by a VM300 Digital Video board. I have few problems, so if you can help with one of those, many thanks and kudos !

Most of my tests were run with a nVidia Shield Pro, hooked on AVR with a HDMI 2.1 cable, and all those issues weren't present before, with a Marantz receiver.

Problem #1 : AC3 (Dolby Digital) playback not working WHEN PRECEDED BY A DTS PLAYBACK (yeah, that's right!)
  • All these tests are from Plex, an App inside the Shield Pro
  • Tested both with and without HDMI passthrough (without, I only get dull PCM Surround)
  • AC3 movie (MKV) playback is fine, logo DD light on the AVR
  • DTS movie (MKV) playback is fine, logo DTS light on the AVR
  • AC3 movie playback, followed by DTS movie playback is fine, DD logo is on, then goes off and DTS logo goes on
  • DTS movie playback, followed by AC3 movie playback NOT WORKING
    • DTS logo remains on
    • DD logo lights on the AVR
    • No sound at all
    • AVR remains stuck in this state
    • The only way I found is to play per se a Youtube video, which switches the AVR to PCM Stereo
Problem #2 : Dirac Live calibration impossible to get done
  • I always get the error "Low signal-to-noise ratio"
  • Followed instructions provided on the NAD's website
  • Using the original mic, with the USB adapter and the stereo-to-mono adapter
  • Tried with different MIC gains, from the bottom, to the max of the safe zone, to the max of the red zone
  • Adjusted the individual speaker gains to make them just in the beggining of the green zone
  • Have only activated the correct amount of speakers
  • Have tested many Master output levels, including a very loud test
  • Have tested the Mic in the NAD's USb port, the NAD's front Mic port (was not working at all), and in my laptop's USB port
  • The only time where I got a result is when I used only my laptop Mic, but the results were pretty bad
Problem #3 : Cannot read FLAC files at all
  • Playback is from Plex App, within nVidia Shield Pro
  • Playback was working fine with my previous Marantz AVR
  • On screen, playback starts, but no sound at all
  • NAD does not change sound mode at all, as if nothing was detected
Problem #4 : Firmware update check get stuck
  • When trying to look for firmware updates, it gets stuck in "Please wait" message, forever
  • Network connection is okay because I can connect with the NAD using Dirac Live Windows App
  • I can see the NAD's IP address
Problem #5 : Playback from Windows 10 always PCM Surround
  • NAD does not change its sound mode, always PCM Surround
  • Tests were done in Plex App, not within browser, since browsers doesn't handle 5.1
  • Windows sound is configured in 5.1
  • Windows detects my sound device as a NAD T775HD
  • Hooked in HDMI, with a HDMI 2.1 cable

So... if you all read this so far, first of all thank you for your time. Now, you may understand that my user experience is not, my I say, pure pleasure.

Please feel free to refer to any of these problems and give your (positive, please) input !

Thank you,
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