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:bigsmile::bigsmile::unbelievable::bigsmile:I plan on buying 1 18'' Fi.BL with these options:dual 2 ohm,cooling,flatwind coil,daily option.Hooked up to a US Amps MD1D thats 1200 rms at 1 ohm.the BL's handle 1000 rms do you think the bl can handle the whole 1200 rms from the amp?

P.S. I found a US Amps MD1D for just 209.00 is that a good price or is it the base price? 210.00 is my max im on a budget.Also how good are US Amps from a 1/10? Are they better than Kicker and Hifonics?How about a 8.5 cuft. enclosure possibly tuned to 32hz.Is that good for loud and low bass? And I know :bigsmile:big for the 18 will I hear lower & deeper notes from it or should I do 9 cuft. to be sure?.

BTW just for a lucky guess how much db will I possibly b hitting will it be over 145db possibly 148db-149db.is that loud?

Again space isnt a option

thanks guys:)

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Somewhat of an odd request in the HTS, but glad you are here :)

Yes, the sub will do fine with that amp. Adding the flatwind and cooling options to the sub will increase the RMS to beyond what the MD1D is capable of. Thats not to say that you cant hurt a it with that... but that with the proper setup with respect to tuning/subsonic filter, gains, and input voltage, that it should make a solid daily driving setup.
8.5 tuned to 32Hz will make for a great enclosure. Set the subsonic around 30Hz and hammer away. Nice and deep in a car.

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