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I'm looking to build 2 sealed enclosures with the Fi audio HT3. About 6^3 foot boxes haven't decided on which ohms to go with yet 2 or 4. Having a hard time finding an amp to run these. I'm in Canada. 90%movies 10%music
Was looking at a crown but a lot of people say they are terrible for subs xls2502, xti6002? And the nx6000d I heard would be lacking a fair amount of power especially for 2 subs.
Speakerpower have been suggested by a lot of people. Kind of leaning this route, but curious if anybody has used the dsp on them. Is it like the inuke or is it just dials? I'm sure the sp2-4800 is lots of power. Not sure which model would be better dp or ht?
Is there better options for decent price? Qsc 5050a? Other? Suggestions would be appreciated
Thank you
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