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Hey guys,

I finally got the means :spend: to put together my build i Got the 18 In Fi Q (dual 2 ohm, loaded) and a Behringer Europower ep4000

Although im lost for a box build

I thinking Mdf 3/4 or 1 in i cant decide ive been told 3/4 is fine cheaper and more easily obtained at a HD or Lowes

I was thinking sealed Cube or Rectangle box

Ported or Sealed ive go the power for a really nice Sealed i herd the Sq is wonderful But i do want it to get loud!!! :hsd: :yikes:

Use is primarily music but for movies or HT too, but mostly for playing music and Bass Guitar(if i can?):dontknow:

and screws counter sinking all these i need some advice.:huh: :dumbcrazy: im kinda lost there

Also Veneer i was thinking something cheep with just glue and iron on, but if too much cost im going to just stain and put protective coating

Also FIBERFIL Lost there i dont know how much and how to put in

Bracing i Herd that was important and Graham did a great job i was thinking a box like his but cut in half???

here a few design some fellow shacksters did that were awesome and i would like to partially replicate with advice thanks

I really liked the Maelstrom build by WillyD
here some links




Fi q sub facts



Fs: 24.5 Hz | 23.8 Hz
Re: 0.7 Ohms/coil | 1.4 Ohms/coil
Qms: 5.66 | 5.73
Qes: .64 | .63
Qts: .58 | .57
Mms: 322g | 342g
Cms: 0.13mm/N | 0.13mm/N
Sd: 1210cm^2 | 1210cm^2
Vas: 268 l | 268 l
Spl: 89.7dB 1W/1m | 89.4dB 1W/1m
Bl: 10.4 N/A | 15.1 N/A
Xmax: 27mm
Rms: 1000W
Sealed box: 4-8 cuft
Ported box: 6-10 cuft @ 28Hz
Sub OD: 18.500”
Cut ID: 16.750”
Mounting depth: 10.000”
Displacement: 0.24cuft

Thanks for the help and time guys!!!



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do you have WinISD. Get it. Play with it. Google Thiele Small Parameters. Learn them. Play with ISD. Right now youre shooting in the dark and blowin money with expectations. You have a good driver, so no mistakes as of yet.
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