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Hello, all
Recently, I acquired a perfect pair of used Q3's which replaced TAD Evolution Ones. The Magicos sound great in my room and I currently use a Krell Evo 302e (I am a used equipment buyer and lag SOTA by five to seven years or so). I assembled a system for a friend's new vacation home which includes a Luxman 590AXii (Class A, 30 w/ch) which I hooked up in my system to test it out. What I heard surprised me...vocals were extremely lifelike (Eleanor McEvoy and Billy Joel on LP) and the bass was tight and punchy despite the 30 watts of Class A power amplifier. Admittedly, the image size was smaller than usual and it did not extend beyond the speakers. Sounds like KeithR's amp search, a thread I have been following.

What the Luxman showed me was that perhaps in the interest of transparency I had pushed the tonal balance too far toward brightness. I am thinking I should get a Class A amplifier or a Luxman with its house sound. If I have $10,000 to spend, I can acquire Pass 100.8 amps or a Luxman M900u for example. Because I am a used equipment buyer, I will not have the opportunity to try the amp(s) out in my system.

Interested in any opinions or suggestions you may have.:unsure:
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