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First IB Build was done in a few days in March 06
Still awesome SQ that I love, as do everyone who visits including 2ch audiophilic types
Manifold is of 2 x 19mm ply thickness and weighs over 40kg without the drivers. With drivers about 80kg and was a heavy lift with strop over my back to lower into place whilst someone else bolted in
The last shot is a size comparo between an old B&W ASW1000 box sub and just the 18" avalanche driver

Front IB is 2x 18" Avalanche driven by SGR501 subamp, wired parallel at 2ohms. Sub amp is rated 500watts @8ohms class AB. During stress testing we measured 400watts on the amp manufacturers oscilloscope - the house was groaning and I was fearful to go further. A visit next day from the EPA suggests it was loud at the neighbours also (oops)

Wood Room Wood stain Child Hardwood

Floor Room Plywood Hardwood Wood

Product Metal

Subwoofer Loudspeaker Sound box Car subwoofer Audio equipment
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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