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Hi All,

I have just discovered this forum (superb btw), and would like to ask for your opinion re my graph.

Ive had some help initial help/guidance via another av forum, until I discovered you and feel I would be better suited here for further instruction etc:

Not sure how to calibrate sound card, but C weighting checked on REW, including C weighting SLOW on Radioshack digital SPL.

Its a 5.1 system, but the mains are B&W 605 with built in active 6/12" drivers (not fully activated re graph), and a sunfire HRS 12" sub. Crossover at 60hz for sub and 60hz for mains.

Any thoughts and comments really appreciated. Also, looking at some threads here, how come my graph starts so low in relation to hz and SPL. Is it because the sub is not capable of such low SPL figures?

Many thanks



1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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