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Hello all,

Got REW hooked up this evening. My setup is a Denon AVR2800 feeding two different sets of mains. A pair of Energy Excel bookshelves and a pair of BES/Bertagni planars (NXT style, dipole) and a DIY sonotube sub (Apex Jr. INF10 driver) being fed by a Mackie amp. I'm using a SB X-Fi external sound card and the RS 33-4050 SPL meter on a tripod at my listening position.

None of the measurements look all that great, but that's to be expected in an untreated room w/ hardwood floors. My main concern is the major drop-off above 8k. Is that accurate, or a typical symptom of the RS 33-4050 SPL meter?

Here's the graphs:

The sub only (125hz XO).

So, the 78hz dip is a room node, right? Nothing to do there but move the sub around in the room? And what's going on at 45-50hz? Is that the port tuning?

Here's the Energy Excels. First alone, next w/ the sub

The BES have both Mid and Hi knobs on them. I played around w/ them and took some measurements at different settings.

This is the BES + sub w/ the mid knob at about 5% and the high knob at about 52%

And with mid - 50% and high - 100%

And the BES same as above, no sub

And just for giggles I turned both the Energy and BES on together. With and without sub:

So, to reiterate, my main concern is the massive drop-off above 8k. Any insight there?


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Don't the Radio Shack SPL meters all drop off at the high end? I thought that was normal. Is this lower than where it normally occurs?

I'm finally getting off my duff and trying to learn REW, so I am a newbie. So feel free to correct me! ;)

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Yup, The RS meter is very lousy above 6K The Galaxy CM140 dose better until about 12K If you wnat accurate readings to 20K you need to get a Behringer ECM8000 but that requires a phantom power source.
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