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Decided to take the next step in tweaking my HT setup and grab a BFD1124P to play around with.

After doing some reading, I thought I would try and aim for a "Hard Knee" target curve.

Suprisingly, after running a fresh Audyssey after hooking up the BFD, Audyssey Dynamic EQ did a fairly good job of getting me close to my desired Hard Knee curve.

I'm using 4 filters, no crazy cuts or boosts. I think the most gain was +4 at around 66Hz for that little dip.

I'm pretty happy with the sub only results.

The Hard Knee curve sort of goes out the window when running with both the mains though, but I guess this is to be expected?

Crossover is set to 80Hz.

My setup:
Onkyo TX-NR708
Emotiva XPA-3
Behringer BFD1124P
Paradigm Monitor 11 fronts
PSB Alpha C1 center
Definitive Technology ProMonitor 600 surrounds

Here are the graphs





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Hey Brendan,

Looks like your main speakers have tons of output well below the crossover frequency. Do you have them set for “small?”

Yeah it looked a little strange to me too that it was influencing response so strongly all the way down to around 35Hz.

They are definitely set to 80Hz crossover, but I don't think there is a "small" or "large" option on this Onkyo, only the ability to choose a crossover setting or "none".

Before I started playing with the BFD, my first sub & mains measurement had a big hole between 50-80Hz, but this was remedied by changing the sub's phase from 0deg to 180deg.

I'll try and get a plot of the left and right speakers individually tonight.

Thanks for your input.
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