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Re: Fisrt graph - Is this to good??

what do you guys think?
A couple of points.

You're being extremely kind to yourself with respect to the vertical scale you're using. :)

You have a 180dBSPL vertical axis range, where the standard accepted practice should be 60dBSPL. The scale that we use is 45dB-105dB. That is 30dB above and below 75dBSPL measuring target.

You also have not loaded a mic calibration file. This is necessary to account for the response anomalies that every mic has.
A quick look at a review of the 4040 mic shows:
In tests, the 4040 gave me bright but smooth highs, flat or slightly scooped low mids (or high lows), and solid lows beneath the scoop. These results are borne out by the mic's frequency plot, which shows appreciable boosts (3 to 5 dB) at 6.5 and 12 kHz, a mild dip between 60 and 100 Hz, and a relatively flat low end extending down to at least 30 Hz (at which point the plot is cut off). Also notable were the mic's exceptionally good transient response and relatively open cardioid pickup pattern..

So, your bottom end may well be better than you show. It would be good if you had a cal file for your mic.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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