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First Post, Noob, links and answers

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Hi, I have 2 15's in an IB arrangement. I have a Behringer DEQ2496 and ECM5000 microphone, 400wrms at 8ohm and a Linux Ubuntu pc with XPsp2 in VirtualBox.

1st. I'm using the bedroom above my lounge in this arrangement. First bad to tell you of, I have my IB manifold in a Corner:yikes: ,(WAF in affect), and the bedroom has less volume than the lounge below. Straight away upstairs is boomy, so will need some serious bass trap,(WAF again).

2nd. I'm not disheartened, and have had an amazing sound already. Now, I want to get the right sound, so I've turned my attention to the Room EQ Wizard. Before I get going, is there any reason I can't work this in a Virtual PC? My OS is Linux and I tried installing REQW in it, but it just wasn't happening. I already mess around with Wavelab 5.0 in Virtual and it works fine. I have a dual core cpu and 1.7 gb of ram and a Creative Soundblaster live 24/96 pci soundcard.

3rd. My second bad. I don't have an SPL meter. I've seriously overspent to get the above, can I get any results using the SPL meter built into the DEQ2496? I'd really like to get going so even if there is little accuracy, I can get a feel for the REQW.

So, I guess I need links and your thoughts on this. Hopefully later, I can treat the boom, I reckon I'll still get, upstairs.


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Posted in the wrong place, I'm sorry. What do I do? "MOD!":rolleyesno:
Thank you

Regards, Mike
REW likely should work virtualised. Re the SPL meter, you only need it to cal the meter in REW, you can use the reading from the DEQ for that.
Thank you JohnM,
I'm trying to get the Linux version running. I have created a folder and put the jar files inside. When I double click on the obf.jar, I get a long list of class files. What do I do? I've installed Java
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.8) (6b18-1.8-4ubuntu3~9.10.2)
OpenJDK Client VM (build 16.0-b13, mixed mode, sharing)

Kind Regards

Try this (came across it on an Ubuntu forum): Right click a .jar file, select Properties, then on the Open with tab, add a custom command "java -jar" and set it as default.
Thanks, I'm getting Error during startup. It stops at Generating tool bar.

Kind Regards

Some details of the error message might allow a diagnosis, but a common problem on Linux is incomplete look and feel implementations causing problems. If you look in the Information Index sticky you'll find a link to how to handle that under Ubuntu for REW V4, or it is handled automatically by REW V5.
Okay, thanks JohnM. I think, rather than trying to measure my subs, and troubleshoot Linux, I think I'm going to stick a spare hard drive in my machine and load windows on it. That way, I can keep things simple and get my woofers measured. Then when I've got that sorted, then I can come back to Linux.

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to reply to my questions.

Kind Regards

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