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Nice to be here.

I'm measuring a room for recording. This graph is a "before" construction and after I'm done I'll measure again. I just wanted to make sure what I did was correct or at least check with some who could offer help if needed.

I hope I can explain this right. I'm using a Presonus Firebox recording interface as my "soundcard" which goes to my computer via Firewire. I had an issue trying to use a Y adapter at the Line-in. I got some funny readings doing it that way. I ended up doing the calibrations using only the loopback cable and when I was ready to run a measurement, I unplugged the loopback cable, plugged in the SLP into the Line-in and ran the measurment. I assume the Y adapter is just a convenience factor right?

The other question is I have is, once the calibrations are done and saved, there is no reason to perform these again right. Of course unless I change a soundcard or mic/SPL. Next time I want to measure my room I just open REW, call up the calibrations offsets, plug my mic/SPL and measure right?

Oh, I'm using an RS digital SPL meter.

Thanks in advance!



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