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So far I have been able to successfully complete the calibration of sound card. I hope the levels are within limits and there is no alert of going beyond the limits while doing the measurements. Just now made the settings change as per your advice. Please have a look.

I own a 5.1 system comprising of 4 definitive tech pro monitor 800s one 1000 for center channel and a Jamo sub. The speakers are highly regarded in the reviews and I feel that I am not getting the right sound. Have been using them for 2 years now driven by a Yamaha RX661. Tried a YPAO auto calibration but its not helping. Now I have come to a stage where I am thinking of a speaker upgrade. But before that I wanted to make sure that its not the room acoustics thats the problem.

Now I have a test set up in guest bedroom with beds and all and in one direction they were sounding decent. Once the whole system is rotated 90 degrees where the sound stage is across the longest wall now its loosing on the bass and the overall image clarity.

The measurements posted are from this room. So far I dont have the Galaxy 140 but will pick one next week. Now I am doing the measurement using the YPAO mike of Yamaha.


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