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Wow, the learning curve finally starting to level out! Really excited to hear what you guys think.

Quick run down of the system. By the way, all gear was purchased after thorough research and advice from helpful people here and over at Audioholics (Am I allowed to say that?).

Denon 4310CI AVR
JTR Triple 8 L/C/R driven by Yamaha P3500S amps
Mordaunt-Short Aviono 1 surrounds driven by Denon
dual HSU VTF-15H subs
MiniDSP with 2-Way Advanced Plug-in for dialing in subs (not setup yet)
Behringer UCA USB sound card
Galaxy 140 SPL used with calibration file found here

My theater is setup in a large room 21'x45'x11'. 1/3 of the room is used for the theater with all the equipment located on the 21' wall. The subs are placed 16" out of each corner at a 45 degree angle facing the main listening position. The L and R channels are 5' in from each wall and currently place standing vertical on the floor. (Need to make stands) The C channel is atop the console directly below the Panasonic 65" panel. The main seating couch is 15' off the 21' wall and centered. The remainder of the room has a pool table, bar and Foos Ball table. No curtains, window treatments or rugs of any kind as of yet so the room is very BRIGHT.

My Denon has Audyssey XT and was used to dial in the curves below. It did a pretty good job considering what the the response looked like without. The subs have port closed and EQ2.

I think it's a good start. Sounds good now and excited to try and make it better!



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If you can add some furnishings and the like it would help even things out a little, of course some acoustic treatment would help more :)

Not a bad place to start from, though.
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