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Hi folks I work with Mike (nitble) and we have been talking home theater stuff for some time. Mike is a hard core DIY guy like me. Also like me he doesn't always have time to dig into a lot of theory. We work 4 and 5 12 hour shifts at a time minimum with no internet access so our free time is more about doing than studying. We have both been looking at subs from Fi car audio and they too are reasonably priced and available now. Even though I have an IB I would be interested in building an LLT to compliment my dual 15" ascendant audio atlases. I don't know if that union could meld together sound wise but I would be willing to try if some body with some expertise could say yes it is fisable. I have enough room to build 2 subs at 26 liters each as I have a false wall with a couple openings to fill. I have been waiting on the Fi cars 22" subs to come in but they haven't yet. I am wanting a new project in the theater.
Disclaimer: Any misspellings or gramatical mistakes due to a couple burbon and cokes. Yeah it was one of those days.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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